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A cool gift for a good friend!

Sorry folks for the silence but these last few months had been crazy busy here and now with holidays..well, you all know how it is!

So I have a really good friend back in Vancouver, he still living there, we used to skate together and film some of the best skateboarders in Vancouver, so today I have some free time in my hands and decided to put together a little teaser for him as a christmas gift!...

With this I just wanted to show you that there's always time to create and pull out a good reason to start a little project. On christmas I just received from my wife an amazing book called "Steal like an artist" written by Austin Kleon and let me tell you folks, is awesome, is small but full of good encouraging words and ideas to push your imagination and creativity active, so with that boost I just put together my little project this morning..and I want to share it with you too, enjoy it and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!

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