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Working with toys for a Stop Motion short film

I always wanted to write a blog, so this is the beginning of this adventure, please don't judge me I will try my best to always be fun and share my ideas with you.

So today I will talk about how I make this little stop motion short film. I had this figurine around my house for a while, I remember found it in the street and kept it to give it to a good friend of mine who is obsessed with the mutant ninja turtles the end I took it with me to his house and for some reason came back with me ( don't ask me, I really don't know ) so I thought: " Why I don't try to do something with it?".

I was living at Gastown in Vancouver at the time, so the rain was a little bit too much for me that day and the idea of wanted to be outside but the rain stop me gave me that story of Donatello wanting to know something else, he was seeing everyday that something else was happening in the other side of that big window and he wanted to just see it and have a new experience so he decided to leave the shelf, and after many obstacles he discover that the glass was a big wall between his reality and the reality outside..he tried to escape and at the end Laurence (my wife) find him in the window and take him back to the shelf. Yes!, frustrating, funny and with a paradox of life in general.

Now with technicalities

Few hundreds of shots, Lots of patience and scotch tape!. Don't make the same mistakes I did, always check the light, the white balance and temperature and always keep it equal because at the end it will show up once everything is together as a clip. I used Adobe after effect, but you can use Premiere or FCP X, in fact I will leave you a little tutorial I had found on youtube, here!:

Also don't expect to finish this in one day, you will need to be patient and disciplined because you need to move articulations mimicking real movements.

Well, I think I will keep it short because you can find lots of video tutorials about stop motion, don't be afraid and try, at the end all this "attempt of writing the first blog" is just for I can encourage you to start to make something, start to be creative, my short film might be the best in the world but I had have fun make it so, go ahead and have fun!. Here! I found a series of video tutorials made by "insidemani" that I think it will help you with your process and flow.

As always is my pleasure to share with you guys, so go and have a wonderful day and be creative!

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