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Music and Design

My Journey

I have to create.
31 October 2016

In an Attempt to create my own production company I started in a journey that it took me really far from what I was at the time, I wasn't ready to own a company, I was in the beginning of rediscover my self and my surroundings, digging into music, inmersing my self in a vast ocean of urban art and travelling around the world. That was Habana Productions in the beginning, now I want to create and to create I will embrace any form of art, hence why is not the same Habana Productions anymore, now I want to achieve new goals through visuals, media, through photography, drawing, design,  leather and woodcraft, clothing design, typography...I want to create and this is my project and my journey, if you want to join me...then follow me.

The Conference

About  Habana Productions

What is Habana Productions?

Habana Productions is a fun lab, a creative environment and at the same time a work space. So here we bring ideas to life creating any type of content, we can design, we can film, we can photograph, we can create scores for films and also make music, we have also"Tulipan 613" which is our own clothing design line, we can promote, manage and launch little marketing campaigns for your products, we can do all that and that is the main purpose of Habana Productions, a creative Lab where we work and still have fun and create.



A look through my Lens!

Audio Visuals

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Here is where I will be posting every months new tracks. Be sure to click the link and follow me in soundcloud.

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